Country Rhodes Farm Fresh Beef & Pork

About the Rhodes Family

Country Rhodes Farm is truly a family farm. The property has been in the Rhodes Family for generations. David and Judy moved back to the farm (from the nearby town of Edinburg) in 2000. 

Our Animals

We raise primarily pork and beef at Country Rhodes Farm. We do not give our animals hormones to speed up growth, a practice used to increase profits. Instead, our animals are fed corn and soybean. In fact, when our cattle leave the pasture and start on feed, we go through almost 2 TONS of feed a week for up to six months for 30 head of cattle.

Our Product List

Country Rhodes Farm beef and pork products are sold from our farm, local retail venues, and Shenandoah Valley farmers' markets. To see our list of products - and to download a beef and pork cut chart - click on the Read More button.