About the Rhodes Family

Photo: David and Judy Rhodes
David and Judy Rhodes

Country Rhodes Farm is truly a family farm. The property has been in the Rhodes Family for generations, and David and I moved back to the farm in 2000. David drives a transport truck while I manage the farm. However, farming is a 24/7/365 business. We have over 100 animals, give or take a few dozen, at any given time, so when David isn't on the road, he's on a tractor.


We feel blessed that we've been able to raise our four children in this environment. Farming has taught them a solid work ethic, shown them the value in caring – and caring well – for other living things, provided them confidence to solve problems, and taught them how to work on their own as well as part of a team.


Photo of Lizzie Rhodes napping with a calf
Lizzie napping with one of her babes.

Our children (meaning our entire family!) have been active in both the local chapters of the 4-H Club and Future Farmers of America (FFA), organizations that support the lessons they learn on the farm while providing opportunities to become leaders. We hope our appreciation and dedication to farming is passed on to our grandchildren, but if our extensive photo collection is any indication, it looks like we don't have to worry too much about that!



Our farm has grown over the years, and David and I hope to continue growing the business. However, our animals are very important to us, and we will always maintain good health and humane treatment practices regardless of our business growth. 


The Rhodes Family is involved in many aspects of the regional and local community.